What is polyurethane thickeners for aqueous?

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Polyurethane thickener is a low-odor, solvent-free water-based non-ionic associative rheology modifier (hydrophobic modified polyurethane), providing excellent flow and leveling, uniform film-forming performance, and gloss display Performance and high thickening efficiency.

Product features:
1. Rapid thickening effect, good dispersion performance, small addition amount and high cost performance.
2. Environmental protection, long-lasting and stable thickening performance.
3. Improve fluidity, leveling and splash resistance.
4. There are few restrictions on the PH value and a wide range of applications.










Product index:
Model… …. …. C-5
Appearance…………….. Slightly turbid yellow liquid
Solid content………………….20.7 ~21.9
PH value……… …..5~8
Ion performance………….. .Non-ionic

Your problem:
1. The viscosity of the emulsion is unstable during the production process, which is not conducive to dispersion
2. During the storage period, the viscosity is too low, causing the dispersed particles to sink and stratify, which will adversely affect the opening effect.
3. During the construction process, the viscosity is unstable and the thixotropy is not good, which affects the leveling of the coating.
4. After brushing, the viscosity is too low, the thick film sags seriously, and the roller coating splashes.
5. Extinction appears, affecting fluidity

Problems that customers worry about using thickeners:
1. The thickening agent has low thickening efficiency.
2. The compatibility with the paint is not good, and delamination occurs.
3. Unstable viscosity, worry about storage instability, affected by PH value.
4. Adding a large amount of thickener and poor thixotropy may affect the leveling performance of the coating and cause brush marks or roll marks to remain.
5. After adding the thickener, it will affect the characteristics of the product itself, water resistance and scrubbing resistance.
6. Adding thickener is not easy to disperse, flocculation occurs, and particles appear.
7. Add thickener/micronized wax additives to accelerate the mildew of paint.
8. The viscosity of thickening can not show the corresponding viscosity with the shear force.

Product application:
Polyurethane thickener has a wide range of uses, and can be used in the coating industry such as polyurethane, waterproof coatings, water-based coatings, printing coatings, architectural coatings, interior and exterior wall coatings, latex paint, leather edge oil, inks, etc. Various interior and exterior wall coating formulations, especially suitable Used as a synergistic thickener, used in coating formulations ranging from matte to glossy, together with providing high shear viscosity to achieve the ideal balance of high and low shear viscosity. Polyurethane thickener is a low-viscosity liquid, so it is easy to be compatible and helps to improve the coating production process.


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