Application of Polyethylene Wax Emulsion in Seed Coating Agent

2022-04-28   Pageview:454

Seed coating agent (seed coating agent) is an active suspending agent that is processed by related pharmaceuticals, nutrients, film-forming agents, dispersing agents and auxiliary agents, has certain strength and permeability, and can be directly coated on the surface of seeds. It has the functions of seed disinfection, prevention and control of diseases, insects and rodents, slow release of fertilizers, avoiding damage to natural enemies, reducing environmental pollution, and improving crop resistance. It is produced and promoted to achieve the purpose of increasing production and income.

The main function of the film-forming substances in the seed coating agent is to adhere the active ingredients to the surface of the seeds and form a uniform and smooth film:

1. It is required to have strong water resistance after film formation, and it cannot be dissolved by water in soils with high moisture, especially in paddy fields.

2, the water required for seed germination must be allowed to pass through.

3. It should have a certain water absorption and swelling ability, and can absorb the water in the surrounding soil to a certain extent for seed germination under drought conditions.

Polyethylene wax, also known as low molecular weight polyethylene, is colorless and transparent, has high hardness, is chemically and biologically inert, has a melting point of 95-140 degrees and a molecular weight of 1000-10000.

Polyethylene wax emulsion is an aqueous dispersion of polyethylene wax. Polyethylene wax is dispersed in water in the form of solid particles. According to the type of emulsifier, it can be divided into anionic, nonionic and cationic forms. The particle size can be processed according to requirements, which can be lower than 100 nanometers or larger than 5 microns. Wax emulsions of large and small particle size can be mixed for use.

The characteristics of polyethylene wax emulsion particle size suitable for coating agent film-forming agent:

Polyethylene wax emulsion is non-toxic, does not contain VOC, and has no harmful effects on seeds, soil and human body. During the coating process of the seed coating agent, the wax particles migrate to the surface of the coating to form a thin layer of protection, improve the surface drying speed of the coating, and reduce the adhesion and damage between the seeds during the drying and film-forming process. The hardness, smoothness and friction resistance of the film-forming agent added to the wax emulsion were significantly improved, thereby improving the wear resistance, fluidity and seed suitability of the seeds. At the same time, the brightness and vividness of the coating are also improved.

The wax emulsion can be regarded as a micron-scale small molecular weight filler, which is distributed in the dispersed phase in the system, and adheres closely to the surface of the seeds after drying. In the process of seed dressing, the seed coating agent added with wax emulsion can significantly improve the gloss of the seed surface. The selection of wax emulsions with different particle sizes can adjust the surface gloss of the seeds and improve the appearance of the seeds.

PE Wax Emulsion OE-6501 Name: PE Wax Emulsion Model Number: OE-6501 Chemical Composition: Oxidized polyethylene wax

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