Advantages of silicone defoamers

2021-09-03   Pageview:309

Followings 4 are advantages of silicone defoamers
1, Compared with other organic defoamers, the effective dose ratio is greatly reduced, thus significantly reducing the use cost (50 PPM effective)
2, Compared with other organic defoamers, the durability is often much longer (more durable)
3, Often less reactive in the foaming medium, thereby reducing compatibility issues
4, Stable in a wide range of temperature and pH














Strong defoaming and foam inhibition power, low dosage, does not affect the basic nature of the foaming system. Good heat resistance, chemical stability, non-corrosive, non-toxic, no adverse side effects, non-combustible, non-explosive. Its performance is comparable to imported products, and the price is more obvious advantage.

Silicone coating defoamer is a polysiloxane-polyether copolymer emulsion type defoamer. It is mainly used to eliminate the foam in the process of producing water-based emulsion paint, especially suitable for defoaming in emulsions such as benzene propylene, pure propylene emulsion and vinyl acetate.

Be used in masterbatch, wax additives with the features of low viscosity, high softening point, good hardness, and thermal stability, low volatile under high temperature, good dispersion in pigment. It has excellent lubricity, can enhance the productivity of plastic processing.


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