DC-51 silicone leveling agent for waterborne UV coatings

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Advantages of Dow Corning DC-51 silicone leveling agent

80% active ingredient, paste-like high molecular weight silicone additive, aqueous feel agent, aqueous hydrophobic agent, aqueous rubbing resistance, hardening and abrasion resistance agent, aqueous anti-scratch/anti-scratch, aqueous slip agent/slip agent, anti-adhesive/anti-back tack additive, aqueous brightening agent, environmentally friendly VOC-free, no heavy metals, low odor, can reduce the coefficient of friction, anti-adhesive, improve anti-wear performance, provide a very good feel, add less.















Wide sources and low prices. Natural organic acids such as linoleic acid, tar acid, and naphthenic acid have a wide range of sources and low prices. However, due to the unstable quality of their natural fatty acids, only tar acid and naphthenic acid are commonly used. Table 6-1 shows the organic acids commonly used in driers and their characteristics.
Organic acids used in driers and their characteristics
Acid value/(mg KOH/g) relative density Appearance organic acid
Naphthenic acid refined naphthenic acid taroleic acid 2-ethyl. caproic acid neodecanoic acid isononanoic acid
Dark brown liquid, light amber liquid, sticky yellow liquid, water white to light yellow liquid, water white clear liquid, water white clear liquid.

In recent years, as the resources of naphthenic acid are declining, and the chemical purity of synthetic fatty acids is much better than that of natural fatty acids, driers based on synthetic carboxylic acid soap mixtures are widely available in the market, and manufacturers often use them. Carboxylic acid is named its drier brand. The high acid value of synthetic carboxylic acid makes the metal soap have a higher content and low viscosity. Because of  montan wax acid its low acid consumption, the cost is similar to naphthenic acid soap.
The synthetic fatty acids produced by paraffin oxidation are all straight-chain acids, with lighter color and low price, but the solubility of metal soaps is poor. The Ci~9 synthetic fatty acids can be combined with naphthenic acid or branched fatty acids to reduce cost.

Cationic part of drier——metal ion
Drying agents can be divided into two types: active and auxiliary. Among them, active drying agents can be divided into oxidizing type and polymerizing type.
Classification of driers, active driers, oxidizing type (surface drying type), Co*+



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