The role of PTFE modified wax in coating

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PTFE modified wax has a molecular weight of 1000-5000 and is a white, tasteless and odorless inert substance. It can melt at 104-130°C and dissolve in solvents and resins at high temperatures, but still separates when cooled. Its separation fineness is related to the cooling speed:slow cooling obtains coarser particles (5-10u), fast cooling separates finer particles (1.5-30U). In the process of powder coating film formation, when the coating film is cooled, polyethylene wax separates from the coating liquid and forms fine particles that float on the outer surface of the coating film, which has the effect of texture, matting, smoothness and scratch resistance, and various stripes can be obtained through proper selection of micronized wax and coating system.

Effect of PTFE modified wax

1, Texture, matting

When the coating film is cooled, the PTFE modified wax separates from the coating liquid and migrates to the outer surface of the coating, producing scattered spots and matting effects; in powder coatings, different micronized waxes have different effects on gloss, so you can choose micronized waxes according to the requirements of gloss. When the amount of micronized wax is 1%, the gloss of 60 decreases by 5-15.

2, Anti-scratch, anti-abrasion, anti-polishing and anti-carving

Fine polyethylene wax coexists with the coating surface in the form of loose particles, reducing the conflict coefficient of the coating, making the tendency of sliding when objects hit the coating surface greater than the tendency of scratching, reducing the tendency of being polished due to the conflict, insisting on low gloss and low durability. 0.5-1% can reduce the dynamic conflict coefficient of the coating from 0.35 to 0.25. When other objects come into contact with the coating product, they sometimes black marks on the coated film. Adding polyethylene wax to the film can reduce this tendency or make the marks easy to wipe off.

3, Effect on pigment dispersion

Modified PTFE micronized wax enhances the wetting and dispersion of the pigment aggregates and improves the color strength of the pigments. Adding 0.5%-3% can improve the coloring intensity of pigment by 10%-30%.


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