How to use high temperature resistant ceramic wear resistant coatings

2022-04-14   Pageview:360

High-temperature ceramic wear-resistant coating is a high-performance wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant polymer ceramic material obtained by compounding high-performance wear-resistant and wear-resistant ceramic particles with modified toughening and heat-resistant resin.

Product use: High temperature resistant ceramic wear-resistant coatings are widely used in the repair of various types of wear and corrosion pipelines and the preparation of wear-resistant and anti-corrosion coatings on the surfaces of various parts with wear and corrosion resistance requirements, such as power plant desulfurization circulation pipelines, tailings Pipelines, coal slurry pipelines, chutes, filters, slag flushing pipelines, water slag separators and other equipment.


(1) Surface treatment: Before the wear-resistant and anti-corrosion repair of the equipment, a surface treatment process is required for the repaired surface of the equipment. After degreasing and dehumidification, the surface to be repaired is treated with an angle grinder or sandblasting method into a uniform rough surface. In order to enhance the bonding strength of the repair material and the repair surface.

(2) Preparation: Mix the two components A and B evenly according to the weight ratio or volume ratio of 10:1, and use them up within 30 minutes. Generally, it is configured at the same time as construction. The amount of one configuration should not exceed 1.5 kg. Too much glue solidifies too fast, and it is partially solidified before it is used up and cannot be used.

(3) Coating: The suitable coating thickness of the high temperature resistant ceramic wear resistant coating is 2-8mm. hydrophobic polyethylene waxes for water based coatings , The mixed material should be applied layer by layer on the part to be repaired. High-availability XK corrosion-resistant repair surface coating is required to repair the surface of the workpiece and do surface treatment. This material cannot be machined, and the thickness of the coating should be controlled to avoid interference during assembly.

(4) Curing: It can be put into use after curing at 25 °C for 24 hours. If the temperature is lower than 10 °C, heating or prolonging the curing time should be used to promote curing; its mechanical properties can be comparable to most metal materials.

Due to the moderate performance of the high temperature resistant ceramic wear-resistant coating, the scraping operation is relatively easy, and the surface after scraping is smooth and has strong corrosion resistance. When used with primer, it can play a good role in resisting water vapor erosion and acid corrosion. And other functions, widely used, excellent performance. At the same time, the product itself has excellent chemical resistance, and has good resistance to general acids, alkalis, salts, various oils and organic solvents, brine, seawater, etc.


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