Application of ASD-YT anti-mildew agent for oil-based coatings

2021-12-04   Pageview:574

ASD-YT paint anti-mildew agent has a strong ability to resist mold growth, wide range of use, antibacterial effect is significantly better than the traditional anti-corrosion anti-mildew agent, this product has been widely used in paint, nitro paint, wood paint, polyester paint, polyurethane paint, lubricants, shoe polish, magnetic paint, wood wax oil, bamboo and wood products painted varnish products anti-mildew anti-corrosion protection.













Since corrosion is a wet oxidation process, additives help maintain adhesion under high humidity or humidity, which is a very important factor. P leu dde mann reviewed the situation of silane adhesion promoters in coatings, “Cleveland Society of Coating Technology” put 10 different silanes into acrylic resin paint without pigment for comparison. Dry adhesion tests show that only silanes with diamino functional groups are effective on steel. It is more important to test in paints with pigments and fillers. It is best that the particles of pigments and fillers do not react with the silane, so that the silane can penetrate into the interface between the paint and the metal. Fillers that do not react with silane include varieties such as calcium carbonate and barium sulfate. However, if moisture and corrosion diffuse through the weak bond between the organic coating and the ptfe wax your car pigment and filler, treat the pigment and filler with organofunctional silane to establish a good water-resistant bond between the polymer and the pigment and filler. , Then the coating performance can be enhanced.

Metal aluminum has a fairly strong and thick oxide layer on its surface, while iron oxide on the surface of steel is not only thinner and has poor corrosion resistance. Therefore, the latter has a different effect on adhesion promoters. The optimal performance of silane depends on the strength of the interface area and the delivery of silane to this area. In many cases, if possible, it is advisable to coat the silane solution on the surface so that it reacts competitively with the pigment and prevents diffusion through the coating without causing problems. The silane adhesion promoter should gather at the interface between the coating and the metal, and the reaction product should have sufficient mechanical strength to provide a water-resistant bond.

The interaction mechanism between silane and substrate is still controversial.


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