How to improve the softening point of emulsified asphalt ?

2021-12-31   Pageview:405

Emulsified asphalt softening point is actually the base asphalt softening point, different asphalt softening point also has a difference. Need to improve the softening point, can be improved by modifying the method to improve. In the emulsified asphalt inside the addition of modifiers, polyethylene wax can be used to adjust the asphalt softening point.

Polyethylene wax can significantly reduce the asphalt needle penetration, improve the asphalt softening point and ductility.

With the polyethylene wax content from 8% to 16%, the PI value of modified asphalt from 0.939 to 1.877, belongs to the solution – gel type asphalt, with some elasticity and not very obvious thixotropy, its high temperature rutting resistance and low temperature resistance to brittle cracking have been significantly improved.

When the polyethylene wax content increased to 20%, the PI value of the modified asphalt increased to 2.407, greater than +2.0, belongs to the gel type asphalt, with obvious elastic effect, with strong elasticity and thixotropy.

Through the study of the dynamic rheological properties of the modified asphalt, it was found that the polyethylene wax complex shear modulus (G*), energy storage modulus (G’) and loss modulus (G”) increased and the phase angle (δ) decreased. At the same time, the rutting resistance factor G*-sinδ5-1 of the modified asphalt was increased, and the rutting resistance was improved.

The viscosity (η) of the matrix asphalt and the modified asphalt at different temperatures in the high temperature zone were studied and found that polyethylene wax significantly increased the viscosity of the asphalt, which improved its ability to resist flow, thus improving its rutting resistance.

The effect of PE wax on the basic properties of different base asphalts: As the amount of PE wax gradually increases, the softening point of asphalt materials gradually increases, which indicates that the addition of PE wax can significantly improve the high temperature performance of asphalt materials; while the needle penetration and ductility are gradually reduced, which indicates that the addition of PE wax will have a negative impact on the temperature sensitivity and low temperature performance of asphalt materials. Therefore, attention should be paid to its influence on the low-temperature properties of asphalt materials in the application process, using a reasonable amount.


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