Can polyethylene wax be used in putty powder?

2021-07-10   Pageview:474

Polyethylene wax can be used as a putty lubricant in putty paste, putty powder, emulsion paint, concrete, exterior insulation mortar and cellulose. Polyethylene wax can change the constructability, very lubricious and smooth, good scraping.

Features of polyethylene wax as putty powder lubricant

1, It does not have any chemical reaction with other substances and can be used with confidence.

2, Special material composition is used, which is different from conventional putty lubricant and has unique effect.

3, It can make the surface of putty after scraping fuller, flatter and better finish, and reduce the loss of putty and increase the hardness of putty.

4, It can make the putty homogeneous and stable, prevent the putty from precipitation, and improve the storage stability of the putty.

It is not a single material, but a composite material, in which polyethylene wax can play a role of light and smooth when scraping, but does not hang, does not affect the thickness of the scraping, increase the adhesion between the product and the substrate, and is not easy to crack, de powder, welcome to inquiry for cas no polyethylene wax!

Polyethylene Wax for Solvent-based Printing Ink PEW-0391 Name: Granule Polyethylene wax Model: PEW-0391 Chemical Composition:Polyethylene wax

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