Application of polyethylene wax in PVC industry

2022-01-24   Pageview:763

Polyethylene wax can be widely used in the manufacturing process of PVC, and has an irreplaceable role in the manufacture of PVC.  So what role does polyethylene wax play in PVC manufacturing ?

Polyethylene wax has a very strong polar center and a very long non-polar carbon chain. Polyethylene wax structure in the polarity and plastic compatible part of the role of internal lubrication, in the polarity and plastic incompatible part of the role of external lubrication and mold release.

Lubricating effect
PE wax is the only known plastic lubricant that can both internal lubrication and external lubrication (demoulding effect), while maintaining a high degree of transparency and almost no effect on gelation. In addition, the low volatility property of PE wax is extremely important for calendering and vacuum degassing.

PE wax as an internal lubricant has good compatibility with the polymer, it plays a role in reducing the cohesion between polymer molecules inside the polymer, thus improving the internal frictional heat generation of the plastic melt and the fluidity of the melt.

External Lubricity
The role of polyethylene wax in PVC as an external lubricant is mainly to improve the friction between the polymer melt and the hot metal surface of the processing equipment. It is less compatible with the polymer, easy to migrate outward from within the melt, so it can form a thin layer of lubrication at the intersection of the plastic melt and the metal.

Polyethylene wax has excellent properties, high softening point, low viscosity, large molecular weight, small heat loss, extremely strong external lubrication, better metal stripping, easy dispersion, high product gloss, good compatibility, anti-precipitation, good demoulding, able to continuous production for a long time, for PVC wood plastic industry, wide foam sheet industry, large diameter pipe, profile industry, threading tube industry, cable material industry and other industries have outstanding contributions.


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