Uses and methods of anti-settling polyamide wax SG720

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1, Marine and architectural coatings, repainting
2, Varnishes and first coats requiring high gloss
3, Industrial wood overcoats based on alkyd resins or acrylic-based polyurethanes, nitrocellulose and acid curing

Preforming steps
1. Put the above materials into the kettle.
2. Pre-disperse at 1000-1500 rpm for 2-3 minutes to homogeneous state
3. Disperse at 1500-2000 rpm for 15-30 minutes at a controlled temperature of 60°C or less. To avoid air accumulation in the pulp, the stirring blade should be moved up and down appropriately.













“Powder Coatings and Coating Technology) (Second Edition) has been written and published for more than six years. In the past few years, my country’s powder coatings and coating technology have developed rapidly. From the perspective of powder coating production, At the time of writing, the annual output of powder coatings in my country was only more than 500,000 tons, accounting for about 40% of the world’s powder coating output: by the end of 2012, the output had reached 1.045 million tons, accounting for 50% of the world’s powder coating output, and it truly became the world’s powder coating production.

And the largest consumer country. However, in the same period of time, in the case of excessive growth of powder wood coating production in industrially developed countries, the production of powder coatings in my country is still growing at an annual rate of more than 8%. In terms of the development of powder coatings, the product structure from the original rice epoxy tight ester powder coating as the main product is gradually transformed into the development direction of the product structure with the polyester powder coating as the main body. Among the varieties of polyester powder coatings, the original structure of polyester/TGI C pure polyester powder coatings has an absolute advantage. In recent years, the growth rate of environmentally friendly polyester/HAA pure polyester powder coatings has accelerated, and it has already accounted for pure polyester powder coatings. 40% of the output of powder coatings. In terms of raw materials for powder coating production, the variety of new polyester resins needed to meet the increasing demand for pure polyester powder coatings has increased, especially for the environmentally friendly polyester/HAA type pure polyester powder coatings. Faster. In epoxy powder coatings, new low-temperature curing and special-purpose curing agents have also been continuously developed. In addition, we continue to develop varieties of special additives for powder coatings to meet various needs of powder coatings for various uses, and actively cooperate with the rapidly developing requirements of powder coatings and coating technology in my country.

In terms of powder coating manufacturing equipment, the technical level and product quality of manufacturing equipment have also been continuously improved to fully meet the domestic demand for powder coating production. At the same time, a considerable part of the equipment is exported to developing countries or even developed countries. The matching of powder coating manufacturing equipment is more complete, and metal powder bonding equipment is gradually popularized. The quality of powder coating products has been greatly improved. In terms of powder coating coating technology, a new type of nanometer with no phosphorus, no heavy metals, and no phosphating residues New pre-treatment processes such as ceramic pre-treatment and silane pre-treatment have been continuously promoted and applied; in electrostatic spraying equipment, spray guns that absorb free ions, rapid color-changing powder spraying chambers and powder spraying recovery systems have also been developed; in terms of baking and curing It also promoted the application of new technology of infrared curing baking oven, etc., and has made great development.

In the application field of powder coatings, from the application of household appliances, to now building materials (including fruit heating) have become the largest application field , The powder coating in the field of non-metallic substrates (wax for MDF boards, glass bottles, and FRP, etc.) has also begun to be promoted.


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