Polyurethane thickeners for water-based coatings

2021-08-21   Pageview:340

Water-based coatings, because of their own characteristics, use water or water-soluble alcohol ether as the solvent, their coatings have low viscosity and poor rheological properties, and often need to add thickeners to improve their rheological properties.









When using high shear rate, the coating can be easily thinned, and when stopping shear or low shear force, the coating can be thickened. These characteristics can improve the storage stability of the coating and avoid the sinking of the color filler in the coating, and help the atomization of the coating during the spraying process.

PE wax is used in a wide range of industries: pesticides, chemicals, textile auxiliaries, paper, industrial cleaning, household cleaning, adhesives, inks, rubber and plastics, industrial water treatment, polyurethane coatings, food, leather and surface treatment, etc.



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