Dispersant G700 for inks and coatings

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Imported dispersant G700 for water-based and solvent-based coatings and inks can be used in inks, industrial paints, automotive paints, coil coatings, floor paints, wood paints, heavy anti-corrosion coatings, etc. Pigment dispersant G700 can improve the dispersibility of pigments in the coating system, and is also very effective for the prevention of pigment sedimentation and delamination after dispersion. In terms of compatibility: both water and oil can be used, and it is effective in improving the dispersion stability of fumed silica for matting of non-solvent-based coatings, and helps to reduce the viscosity change of coatings.

Physicochemical properties of Kyoei Corporation dispersant G700 for oil/water-based paints and inks.

Appearance: Light yellow viscous liquid

Active ingredient content: 100

Specific gravity: 0.94-0.98g/ml(25℃)

Viscosity: Z2-Z6(25℃)

Acid value: 60±15mg·KOH/g

Characteristics and uses of imported wetting dispersant G700:

1. Wetting, dispersing, anti-settling, improving anti-caking, anti-floating, and color separation of organic and inorganic pigments and fillers.

2. Improve the leveling and arrangement uniformity of matte powder.

3. Environmental protection is suitable for all kinds of coatings, and will not significantly increase the viscosity of the coatings.

4. Increase the storage stability of the coating. Thixotropic agent for marine paint

Pigment dispersant G700 dosage and usage:

In terms of addition amount and use, author SH Yuansuhua G explained: In order to obtain the desired performance, G-700 should be dispersed in the color paste resin before adding the pigment, and then add the solvent for grinding after the pigment is added and stirred.

Adding amount: 0.2-1.0% of the total weight of the coating material.

Addition period: Add during the pigment grinding process.

For the total amount of pigments: (for reference only, please test the specific addition data)

Dispersion system to pigment amount

Inorganic Pigment 3.0~6.0%

Organic Pigment 15.0~30.0%

Carbon black 20.0~50.0%

Principle of Pigment Dispersant

Imported dispersant Gongrongshe G700 Scope of application: It can be applied to water-based and non-water-based paints and inks.


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