What is the purpose of adding wax additives to the production of latex gloves?

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There are many types of disposable gloves available in the glove market today, and important raw materials include nitrile rubber, natural rubber, and high-pressure polyethylene. Wax emulsion china improve the field enforceability and service life of natural and NBR gloves. These advantages generally play a vital role in quality control of products, safety of workers during operation, sanitary conditions at the site and safety precautions for chemical products.

Natural Rubber Gloves – NR
Natural latex is obtained from natural plants and flowers by tapping on them, and then concentrated by spinning, removing most of the water-based components.

Nitrile rubber gloves – NBR
NBR is a soft and easy to pull material that has greater puncture resistance and abrasion resistance than natural latex or polymethacrylic gloves. It is made of acrylonitrile butadiene, which has a high barrier, wear resistance and very good tensile strength.

High Pressure Polyethylene Gloves – PVC
PVC is a thermosetting polymer that has been transformed into a more economical and cost effective polymer that is very strong and durable. PVC gloves give extremely good safety precautions, including certain analysis of chemical exposure and physical damage maintenance.

Advantages of the application of wax emulsions
1, Analytical chemical extensibility: does not react with natural latex
2, Manageable in aqueous systems
3, Improved moldability (easy to get rid of)
4, Reduced friction, improved wearability, improved abrasion resistance in polymer coatings
5, Reduces total electron density based on creating a barrier layer
6, Ozone aging safety prevention
7, Gives anti-adhesive properties to gloves in packages


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