Application of anti-drip agent in engineering plastics

2022-01-31   Pageview:570

The fluorochemicals used as modified additives in engineering plastics are mainly polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). PTFE is mainly used in engineering plastics in two applications: anti-drip agent and wear-resistant lubricant.

The chemical composition of both anti-drip agent and wear-resistant lubricant is PTFE, but the difference is that the molecular weight of anti-drip agent is about 4 million – 5 million, and the molecular weight of wear-resistant lubricant is about 300,000.

The large molecular weight Teflon is fibrillated by the shear force of the screw to form a mesh structure, which plays the role of anti-drip.

Small molecular weight Teflon can be added to plastics, rubber, coatings and other materials to significantly reduce the friction coefficient of the material surface and improve the anti-wear performance of the material itself. At the same time, it can play the role of internal lubrication and mold release.

At present, there are some manufacturers producing PTFE products, but due to the limitations of equipment and technology can not control the molecular weight of the polymer well. At the same time, it can play a part of the role of anti-drip, but also has some wear-resistant role, but the effect of both aspects are not outstanding. The gap with the international manufacturers is large.

Anti-drip agent is mainly used in plastic materials that need flame retardants to reach V0 level, which can prevent melting dripping and improve flame retardant performance, and can also achieve UL V-0 requirements when reducing the amount of flame retardants, while reducing costs and enhancing product competitiveness. Among them, PC and PC/ABS are used the most.

PA, PP, these two materials are crystalline polymers, and PTFE compatibility is not good, anti-drip agent in these two materials is not very good, if not well controlled, it is easy to swell the phenomenon. It is recommended to use pure powder type of anti-drip agent in PA and PP. There are three main types of PTFE used as anti-drip agent: emulsion type, pure powder type, and coating type.

Tianshi high quality PTFE micropowders, low molecular weight, good dispersion, uniform particle size distribution, good self-lubrication, has served 10000+ customers, can be widely used in engineering plastics, rubber, coatings, lubricants, grinding wheels, grease and other industries to do product wear-resistant lubrication modification.


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