Will the frost spray treatment corrode the rubber?

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Spray frost is one of the common problems in the production and use of rubber products. Improper formula design, improper storage of raw materials, improper operation of the process are all inducing factors for spray frost of rubber products.

With the continuous development of rubber products production process and production equipment, the probability of rubber products spraying frost will be well controlled, and there will be more and more ways to solve the problem of rubber products spraying frost, how can rubber spraying frost treatment agent solve the problem of rubber spraying frost?

Causes of rubber spray frost

1. Under sulfur: rubber products due to under sulfur caused by the spray frost is localized, need to improve the vulcanization process adjustment, vulcanization system.

2. Storage conditions: When rubber products are improperly stored to cause frost spraying, different comparative tests on storage temperature, time and humidity are required, and proper storage conditions can completely avoid such frost spraying problems.

3. Raw material fluctuations: rubber products due to fluctuations in the quality of raw materials caused by the spray frost problem is the emergence of batches, different batches of raw materials, the origin of the comparison test can be identified. Ensure the quality of raw materials, for the quality of raw materials have been fluctuations in the replacement can be solved.

4. Process operation: rubber products with the wrong weighing, missed weighing and other problems, it will lead to rubber products local spray frost. Staff weighing compound, accurate weighing, to avoid mis-matching, more, less, leakage and other problems, to ensure uniform mixing of rubber can effectively prevent such spray frost phenomenon; rubber mixing process, the need to strictly follow the established production process, always master the production process, strict control of roller temperature, to avoid local spray frost rubber products.

5. Rubber aging: summer, especially the high temperature, sunshine poison, rubber products in the high temperature, sun exposure environment is easy to occur aging spray frost problems, the rubber products manufacturers can choose to mix with other rubber, increase the amount of antioxidant to avoid spray frost.

6. Overdose of compounding agent: improper dosage of compounding agent is the main reason for spraying frost on rubber products, rubber products manufacturers need to determine which compounding agent dosage is too much caused by spraying frost according to the color, location, area, etc., and adjust the formula appropriately to solve the problem. Summer powder with high solubility in the rubber material, the amount of slightly more then not visible, but to the autumn and winter will appear rubber products spray frost problem, this point requires special attention, must be strictly controlled with the amount of agent, according to climate change timely adjustment.

Spray frost is a common problem in the production, parking and use of rubber products, rubber products manufacturers need to take appropriate measures to solve the problem of spray frost according to the reasons. In actual production, rubber products manufacturers timely detection of raw material quality, reasonable design of rubber products formula, strict control of the production process operation can effectively solve the problem of spray frost, improve the rate of finished rubber products, to avoid unnecessary losses.

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