The bonding effect of 972 water-based adhesion promoter

2021-11-18   Pageview:303

Water-based adhesion promoter can be used as adhesion promoter for adhesives or coatings, and also as adhesive.













Effect on exposure results
Extensive exposure data confirms the durability of covering polymers in all types of exterior latex paints. Since 1979, we have performed more than 200 times worldwide.

The exposure test of 690 coating additives is to test the outdoor performance characteristics of the product. The test results show that the performance of the coating containing the capping polymer is better than, at least not inferior to that of the coating without the capping polymer. What is more noteworthy is that if Adding Diga Polymers to coating formulations containing non-durable fillers and partially or completely replacing the non-durable fillers with masking polymers can significantly improve the performance of the coatings. Exterior wall coatings without masking polymers tend to become lighter during aging. This is caused by the increase in the pulverization process. On the contrary, the color of the coating containing the covering polymer becomes thicker and darker before the pulverization of the titanium dioxide after the noise, and then gradually becomes lighter and prolonged. It can improve the color retention time of the paint film, or it can improve the color retention of the paint film and its color change trend.

The effect of the covering polymer on the exposure results: After the exposure, the ptfe dispersion in water coating  containing the quick covering polymer (on the right side of the board) showed a brighter color than the ordinary paint (on the left side of the board).

The effect of covering polymer on the weather resistance of coatings
This phenomenon can be explained from the electron microscope photos: After outdoor exposure, some of the hollow structure of the covering polymer on the surface of the paint film will be damaged or separated from the surface of the paint film due to the influence of the external climate or the aging of the paint film. , Causing the initial color of the paint to darken, and then show the effect of climate on it. The final result is that most paints that use masking polymers will maintain the original color for a longer period of time.


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