Features of silok7111w aqueous wetting agent

2021-09-28   Pageview:319

Product properties.
● Mainly used in the production of water-based concentrated color paste.
●Reducing the viscosity of abrasives and making them stable.
●Increases color development and gloss.
●Promote flow and leveling.
●Excellent antistatic properties.













Airless spraying will also have foam problems, because the paint must be stirred before application, amide wax emulsion at which time air will enter. In addition, when the pump is pressurized, air will dissolve in the paint. After the pressure is reduced and after the paint passes through the nozzle, the air dissolved in the paint and the air entrained when the paint exits the nozzle will cause micro-induction in the coating film.

Bubble. When curtain coating, the paint flows into the substrate from the slit through the curtain, and the excess paint. By pumping back to the storage tank, a considerable amount of finely dispersed air will be mixed into the paint at this time. If there is no defoamer fast enough to eliminate this air, continuing painting will result in defective coatings. When the paint brush and roller are used for painting, air will also enter the wet coating film along with the movement of the paint brush and roller. In addition, porous substrates, such as walls, untreated wood, etc., can also show a tendency to increase foam formation.


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