What is anti-adhesive agent for latex glove?

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From different materials to colors and textures. As glove trends become more and more popular, the one constant among all the changes is the use of latex as a material. Wax emulsions can have a wide range of effects and enhance a variety of surface properties, including slip and wetting, abrasion resistance, adhesion resistance, mold release, ease of fit, moisture and oxygen resistance – characteristics that are particularly important in the manufacture of natural latex gloves.

Latex glove anti-adhesive applications

Natural latex medical gloves, examination gloves, household gloves, industrial gloves, finger gloves, nitrile gloves, balloons and other latex products.

Advantages of Latex glove anti-tack agent product

Can be used for smooth and non-smooth glove molds, suitable for glove external anti-stick and very need to have a grip on the use.

It is suitable for gloves that need to have a good grip on the outside of the glove. It avoids the phenomenon that gloves treated with chlorine and powder are too smooth on the surface and the gripping items fall off.

It also facilitates the release of latex-impregnated products and rolled edges. The product has a good release and anti-stick effect and a smooth surface.

Latex gloves production process:
mold cleaning — coagulant impregnation– drying–latex impregnation–leaching–  vulcanization— leaching — polymer impregnation, chlorination– drying– demoulding (want to turn inside)– following inspection and packing process.

In the polymer impregnation link to add wax emulsions, mainly to improve the anti-scratch and wear resistance, slip performance, improve wearability (allow wet hands to wear) effect.


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