4 uses of PP wax in color masterbatch

2021-07-31   Pageview:888

PP wax, name low molecular weight polypropylene wax. Polypropylene wax has a high melting point (drop melting point is 130-170℃, drop melting point is more than 30℃ higher than polyethylene wax), average molecular weight is about 5000-10000mw, low melting degree and lubricity.

 Uses of PP wax in color masterbatch

1, As dispersant and lubricant for high temperature resistant hot spinning masterbatch manufacturing. It can replace polyethylene wax for high temperature spinning masterbatch manufacturing and overcome the shortcomings of polyethylene wax such as easy sublimation and odor when spinning at high temperature, especially suitable for polypropylene, polyester, nylon spinning and masterbatch manufacturing as dispersing lubricant.

2, When adding a large amount of filler to polypropylene, it is more difficult to inject, the surface of the product is rough and not easy to demould. After adding the right amount of polypropylene wax (generally 7-8‰), it can improve the fluidity of the blended products, make the materials soluble, interdigitated, and the finished products are easy to demold, and obviously improve the surface finish of the finished products.

3, In the production of high viscous polypropylene woven bags, adding honeywell pp wax can improve its MI value, increase lubricity and fluidity, reduce flat wire breakage, improve cleanliness, and is an ideal denaturant for polyolefin melt index.

4, As energy-saving agent and process improvement agent for polyolefin resin processing. In LDPE, HLDP extrusion, the use of the appropriate amount of polypropylene wax can reduce the host current 10 ~ 20%, improve the extrusion volume, shorten the time, especially in LLDP blow molding processing, can greatly improve the appearance quality and transparency of the film, basically eliminate the sharkskin phenomenon.

Non Polar PP Wax PPW-0936 Name: Micronized Polypropylene Wax Model Number: PPW-0936 Chemical Composition: Polypropylene Wax

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