How to use aqueous polyamide wax

2021-08-04   Pageview:386

Polyamide wax is a low molecular weight wax made from dibasic acid and dibasic amine through condensation reaction, and then the paste is made through low temperature activation. Polyamide waxes are rich in hydroxyl and amide groups, which can form a strong hydrogen bonding chemical force and form a network structure, thus increasing the viscosity of the system to achieve anti-sink and anti-sagging agent.

Each polyamide wax is intertwined to form a needle-like network structure. When external stress is applied, the network structure breaks up into individual needle-like individual structures, and when the external stress or shear force disappears, they re-form a twisted network structure.

What are the applications of water-based polyamide waxes? Forming a strong network structure in paints, printing inks and coatings with excellent thixotropic properties and good dispersibility, providing excellent anti-sagging, anti-settling and thickening effects.

1, Easy to disperse and can be added to coating systems with only stirring.

2, Improve the stability of system dispersion and thixotropy, suitable for anti-settling of pigments such as dummy powder, glass powder, filler, aluminum silver paste, copper gold powder and pearl powder; help aluminum powder and pearl powder scale to orient neatly and enhance the shining effect.

3, Good compatibility with resin, smooth and does not affect the gloss, and can moderately improve the wear resistance of the paint film.

4, No need to heat to do activation treatment, wide use temperature range (25℃-60℃).


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