What wax to use for abrasive resistance

2021-08-04   Pageview:839

Printing abrasion resistant wax is micronized polyethylene wax, which can be used in paints, printing inks and other kinds of chemicals to play the role of anti-scratch, anti-adhesion, abrasion resistance and improve the smooth hand feeling.

It is composed of regular spherical particles with narrow particle size distribution, uniform fineness, and can be used in any kind of coatings, paints and inks to improve the scratch resistance and smoothness of the paint film; to reduce the sliding friction on the printing surface to the extent of the ink, its uniform fineness allows it to be dispersed with other pigments, and it can be added to the ink as a dispersion at room temperature or directly with mixing without solvents or heating.

After mixing the micronized polymer wax with the ink, it is important to avoid exposure to high temperatures, which can lead to the breakdown of the small, uniform spherical structure and the formation of coarse, irregular particles. Highly concentrated dispersions can be produced at room temperature by dissolving them in solvents in a very general way.

The micronized wax powder has almost no effect on the gloss of the ink film. The gloss of the print depends on the properties of the wax, pigments and linkers in the ink. The homogeneous dispersion of the ultrafine micronized wax ensures no loss of gloss, even at higher additions, compared to irregular waxes.

As the ink is on the plastic surface and prone to wear, micronized wax powder needs to be added to provide wear resistance, generally using polyethylene micronized wax powder. These wax powders have high gloss and high slip, and are especially suitable for use in gravure ink printing.


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