Application of nano titanium dioxide photocatalyst

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This product is suitable for various air pollution treatment photocatalyst spray, nano antibacterial coating, sewage treatment, nano antibacterial self-cleaning fiber, electronic materials and other products, this product has a wide range of strong ultraviolet absorption capacity (280nm-460nm).














There are two effective models about the opacity theory of pores [3], by means of which the hiding power or scattering coefficient of the pores and the titanium white paint film can be determined.

HP=4430FT 1-(PVC/0.74) /](20-1) In the formula, when HP has a covering power of 0.98, the unit of titanium dioxide can cover
Area, ft(1ff=0.092903m”);
F-Frese nel reflection coefficient;
PVC elf-the actual effective pigment volume concentration of titanium lubrizol ptfe wax dioxide considering the over-polymerization effect.
Sno, =KF V mio, [1-(PVC#/d) 1/*](20-2) STO: the scattering coefficient of titanium dioxide;
K——Adjustment coefficient of different specifications of titanium dioxide;
F—Frese nel reflection coefficient;
PVC eff——The actual effective pigment volume concentration of titanium dioxide considering the over-polymerization effect,
We found that: in the hiding power model proposed by Stieg [Equation (20-1)] or the scattering coefficient model proposed by Fitzwater and Hook [Equation (20-2)], the hiding power or scattering power of the paint is related to the Frese nel reflection The coefficients are close and close, u and m are the refractive indices of the pigment and continuous phase, respectively.

It can be found that the hiding power depends on the difference between the refractive index of the pigment and the continuous phase. The greater the difference between the two, the stronger the hiding power. At the same time, the hiding power is also related to the concentration of the pigment. Table 20-1 lists the refractive indices of common pigments, fillers and base materials.

To understand why titanium dioxide pigments have great advantages in hiding, you only need to compare the refractive index of titanium dioxide pigments with those of other commercial white pigments and coating base materials (Table 20-1). There is a significant difference between the refractive index of titanium dioxide and pigment and the refractive index of the surrounding medium, so it is particularly effective for light scattering.


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