What are the uses of glass paint? How to use glass paint

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Glass paint is composed of pigments, additives, solvents, etc., and is used for glass finishing paint. What are the uses of glass paint and the correct method of using glass paint.









What are the uses of glass paint?

1. Glass paint can be used to make handicrafts. The paint film is plump, has strong adhesion, high hardness, and has the functions of water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and discoloration resistance. During the curing process, no air bubbles are generated, so people make it into glass handicrafts, which are pure in color and beautiful.

2. Glass paint can improve the traditional monotonous color. There are many colors of glass paint, which are used for glass finishing, which can effectively improve the tradition of transparent color of glass.

3. Glass paint can be used to protect glass products. Although the finished glass is beautiful and crystal clear, the disadvantage is that it is easy to scratch. The glass paint is specially used on the surface of the glass to protect the glass.

How to use glass paint


1. After opening the barrel, observe the state of the paint in the barrel. If there is no abnormality, stir the paint in the barrel evenly.

2. Mix the paint according to the proportion shown on the label, first mix the curing agent and the main paint and stir evenly, then add the thinner, and adjust to the construction viscosity before construction.

3. Cleaning of the substrate: Wipe the glass surface with talcum powder or special cleaner to completely remove the stains on the glass surface and keep the glass surface clean and dry.

4. Spraying: The distance between the large spray guns should be 20-30cm, anti slip additive for epoxy paint and the small spray guns should be 15-25cm. The spraying air pressure should be adjusted at 0.3-0.6 (about 3-6kg/C㎡) to the appropriate oil and air output from the spray gun to ensure uniform atomization.

5. In case of high humidity in the construction environment, the modifier can be wiped on the glass substrate or the sprayed paint film can be baked at low temperature to ensure product quality.

6. The prepared paint must be used up within the effective use time, generally within 3 hours in summer, and within 8 hours in winter.

Slip Agent Micronized PTFE Wax PTFE-0103 Name: Micronized PTFE Wax Model Number: PTFE-0103 Chemical Composition: PTFE

Glass paint notes:

1. Avoid getting water on the coating before the paint film is dry.

2. This product cannot be mixed with other paints.

3. The color paint may be slightly precipitated after long-term storage. It should be fully stirred before use to avoid uneven color.

4. If the paint gets on the eyes during construction, rinse immediately with clean water, and go to the hospital if necessary.

5. When storing, keep it out of the reach of the elderly, children, etc.


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