what is oxidized polyethylene wax?

2021-06-22   Pageview:1094

OPE wax is an excellent new polar wax, improve the compatibility with fillers, pigments and polar resins, the lubricity and dispersibility, and also has coupling properties.

OPE wax has low viscosity, high softening point, good hardness and other special properties, non-toxic, good thermal stability, low volatility at high temperature, dispersion of fillers and pigments. Both excellent external lubricity and strong internal lubrication, also has a coupling effect.

OPE wax can improve the production efficiency of plastic processing, reduce production costs, good compatibility with polyolefin resins etc. Good moisture resistance at room temperature, strong chemical resistance, excellent electrical properties.

OPE wax can be used as rubber and plastic processing lubricant, film release agent and phase solvent. OPE wax has good compatibility with various rubbers, due to its high melting point and low viscosity, it promotes fluidity, relatively reduces the power consumption of resin mixing.

Tianshiwax — oxidized pe wax manufacturers – offers waxes are also suitable for floor wax, varnish wax, automotive wax, cosmetics, precision casting agent, paint and powder coating matting agent, cable material additive, oil well wax absorbent, wax pencil, wax paper etc.


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