What is the chemical composition of OPE wax for mold release agent

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Low molecular weight ethylene-ethylene copolymer containing carbonyl group

Oxidized polyethylene wax has certain functional groups on the molecular chain of OPE wax for textile auxiliaries, so its compatibility with polar resin can be significantly improved and is better than polyethylene wax.

(A) Chemical composition: low molecular weight oxidized polyethylene containing hydroxyl and carboxyl groups

(b) Properties: white slightly yellowish powder, in the hard transparent, oxidized polyethylene wax is excellent new polar wax, because oxidized polyethylene wax molecular chain with a certain amount of carbonyl and hydroxyl, so the compatibility with fillers, pigments, polar resins is significantly improved. Its wettability and dispersibility in polar system are better than polyethylene wax, and it also has coupling property, and its performance is comparable to Honeywell A-C wax. It is white with slightly yellowish powder, has good chemical stability and is soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons.













a.13mm gang degree price, after the protection of the except even, there should not be empty system, gaps, system lines or within the eye what see the other lack: layer tree paste in the length of the come meat can not be the pinhole education are not within the u of the can sex in the square curved test, hs code of fischer tropsch wax square curved within the periphery, should not be within the fusion visible cracks into the loss of new into out, epoxy powder coating also used in the system of the river bridge within:

Section III epoxy-polyester powder coating
A. Overview
Ring Piao Guo ester powder coating is the epoxy powder coating after the dimension, South Europe first developed Chuan Xun fan industrialized and promoted the application of the end coating products, epoxy polyester powder coating, can be seen as both a polyester resin as a curing agent of the epoxy powder control material, but also can be seen as the epoxy resin as a result of the polyester powder coating. In Europe for this powder coating is rod and ring of two inter-tree composition, so called together (Hyb d) powder coatings, China from the late 1980s began to quickly fan wide skin with epoxy polyester powder coatings, application areas continue to expand, the production volume also increased. H790s has become China’s powder coating industry in the largest production, the most varieties, the most extensive varieties of powder coatings, until now Still maintain this status, its production of China’s total output of powder coatings, more than 60% of the 2006 eleventh hour, in the world of thermosetting powder coatings production, epoxy polyester powder coatings accounted for 51.3%, is the largest production of powder coatings varieties.

Epoxy polyester powder coating is a thermosetting powder coating composed of base polyester resin, epoxy resin, rattan material, filler and additives, etc. Its main mold material is base polyester resin and epoxy resin, if the base polyester resin as a general thermosetting powder coating resin, then the epoxy resin can be seen as a curing agent; if the epoxy resin is seen as a general thermosetting powder coating resin, then the gum base polyester resin can be seen as the agent, with the development of various acid value of the segment-based polyester resin, epoxy polyester powder coating polyester resin / epoxy resin (mass ratio) from 50/50 of a single species, has developed a variety of ratios of epoxy-polyester powder coating varieties, polyester resin / epoxy resin ratio of 60/40 or 70/30 or 80/20 (mass ratio) of varieties. Epoxy – polyester powder coating manufacturing methods and epoxy powder coating, most of them are in accordance with the melt extrusion mixing method described in Chapter VI, Section III and Chapter VII of the manufacturing process and equipment manufacturing.


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