The role of industrial defoamers in coating bubbles

2021-09-13   Pageview:292

According to the analysis of water-based coating formulations, water-based coatings are mainly formulated by dispersing media, film-forming substances, additives and color fillers. A large number of additives belong to surfactants, which will change the free energy of the coating system and lead to easy foaming of the coating system. dow defoamer can be added to the foaming link for defoaming.











Common water-based coatings can be generally divided into three categories, water-soluble coatings, water-dispersible coatings, water-dilutable coatings.

1, Water-soluble coatings are coatings with water-soluble resin film-forming.

2, Water dispersible paint refers to the paint with synthetic resin emulsion, paraffin wax with ptfe, which is usually called latex paint.

3, Water dilutable paint refers to the paint configured with emulsified emulsion. The so-called post-emulsification emulsion refers to the solvent-based resin dissolved in organic solvent, which is dispersed in water to form emulsion under the strong mechanical stirring of emulsifier, and this kind of material can be diluted with water in the process of use.

As most of the additives belong to surfactants, such substances easily lead to the generation of foam and have a certain stabilizing effect on foam, so the foam generated in the coating system is not easily eliminated by itself, and needs to be eliminated and inhibited by the defoaming effect of dow defoamer.


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