What is the carnauba wax mentioned in the auto beauty store?

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Carnauba Wax Natural Properties

Due to the high temperature, high humidity and strong ultraviolet radiation environment of tropical rain forest, palm trees have developed a good skill, with high hardness and high melting point (83℃-85℃). In addition, carnauba wax can make rainwater flow down smoothly on the leaves and grow naturally, which also shows the natural smoothness and air permeability of carnauba wax powder supplier, which is a rare surface protection material.

Carnauba wax is widely used in car care products because of its many natural properties:

1. It can make the car paint surface have a good gloss

The breathability of carnauba wax is applied to the car paint protection, which makes the car wax appear not to be attached to the surface of the car paint, but to moisturize the car paint, making the car paint deeper, richer in water quality, and shiny. ; And its high humidity resistance will also enhance the water repellency of the paint surface, so that the paint surface is still clear and bright in rainy days.

2. It can make the body paint surface have a certain degree of smoothness

Using the hardness and smoothness of carnauba wax for car paint protection can provide the best lubricity to the paint surface and reduce the friction coefficient of the paint surface. Therefore, for cars that use carnauba wax for paint maintenance for a long time, on the one hand, dust and sand particles will be easily washed away when cleaning, reducing the chance of the paint surface being scratched; on the other hand, some hard objects will be damaged during driving. Scraping across the paint surface will cause slippage, leaving the paint surface intact. This is also the reason why the scratches on the paint surface are obviously much less with regular waxing and maintenance.

3. The waxed body has good UV resistance

Palm wax protects palm leaves from high temperature ultraviolet rays, and the same is true for car surfaces, protecting car paint and resisting damage to car paint caused by ultraviolet and high temperature factors.

4. Regularly apply palm wax to the car paint, which can well resist the corrosion of acid rain

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5. The hardness of palm wax is very strong

Thanks to the special growth environment, it has a high melting point and high hardness. For car paint protection, it is easy to clean dust and sand to a large extent, reducing the possibility of car paint being scratched.

6. Carnauba wax is a natural substance

Pure natural vegetable wax, good emulsifying and non-irritating, suitable for DIY operation.


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