Marine coating defoamer BYK065

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Original BYK coating defoamer low price wholesale:

Basic parameters:
Model ———-BYK 065
Brand ———- Germany BYK
Ingredients ———- silicone defoamer
Appearance ———- light yellow liquid
Product grade ——— industrial grade
Solubility in water ——- good
Package specification ——-25kg/drum












Product Description

Silicone defoamer for solvent-based coating systems to prevent the formation of foam and air bubbles during the production, filling and coating of paints. It is suitable for the following systems: chlorinated rubber, vinyl and acrylate. byk-065 is a defoamer for solvent-borne formulations. It is a more compatible version of byk-066 n

Product Features:

byk-065 is an antifoaming agent for solvent-based formulations. It is a more compatible version of byk-066

Also byk waxes are offered for coatings and paintings.


Anti-corrosion and marine coatings, architectural coatings, wood and furniture coatings, adhesives (polyurethane adhesives, epoxy adhesives)

How to use:

● Additive dosage (in purchased form) in the total formula: 0,1%- 1,0%

● For best performance, defoamer should be added to the abrasive before grinding.

If added at a later stage, the shear force must be high enough to ensure good dispersion of the defoamer and thus prevent shrinkage.

● The full effect of defoamer can be obtained only after 24 hours of input into the system.

Storage and Transportation:

BYK-065 packing specification: 25kg/drum

Store in original container at room temperature, shelf life is one year.


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