Tips for choosing defoamer for thick paste type coatings

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In the process of producing thick paste type coatings, we often encounter some special foam problems. How to choose the right one from a large number of defoamers?

Following 3 Tips for choosing defoamer for thick paste type coatings.





1, Can the defoamer remove the bubbles in the system

Due to the high viscosity of the thick paste coating itself, if a large number of bubbles are generated in the system, they basically do not appear on the surface. Therefore, when choosing defoamer, you need to pay attention to whether the defoamer can remove the air bubbles in the system, so as to achieve the defoaming effect, so that the coating effect will not be affected when using.

2, Avoid choosing defoamer with poor dispersibility

This is because of the high viscosity of thick paste coating. If the system selected defoamer dispersion performance is poor, it will not play a good role, or even float, which will affect the performance of the entire coating system.

3, The viscosity of the selected defoamer

If the viscosity of the added defoamer is less than the viscosity of the thick pulp coating, it is easy to produce incompatible phenomena, affecting the color and gloss of the coating. Therefore, when choosing the defoamer for thick paste coating, you need to choose a defoamer with higher viscosity in order to be well compatible with it and remove the air bubbles in the system.

Polyethylene Wax PEW-0320 can also be used in hot-melt road marking paint, with an additional amount between 5-20%.In some other industries, the additional amount is generally between 1-20%







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