4 methods of PTFE dispersion polymerization

2021-08-08   Pageview:370

Dispersion PTFE is PTFE dispersed particles formed by coalescence of secondary particles, diameter of 500μm, powder, large specific surface area, absorption of organic solvents, the role of shear force to form a paste, usually using extrusion molding process, so called paste extrusion molding.

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1, PTFE dispersion impregnation
PTFE dispersion impregnated with asbestos, glass fiber, glass cloth, porous metal and other materials made of products with excellent performance, such as non-absorbent, good non-stick, lubrication and airtightness, and at high temperatures still have excellent chemical resistance.

2, Coating and molding of PTFE dispersion
PTFE dispersions form coatings on the surfaces of metals, ceramics, woods and plastics, making the surfaces of these materials with anti-adhesive, low friction coefficient and moisture-proof properties, thus greatly developing the application range of these materials. Coating processes include electrostatic spraying, plasma spraying, etc.

3, Wet mixing and filling PTFE
Wet mixing is the PTFE dispersion and filler uniformly mixed to make it co-condensation. PTFE products made with this method of mechanical strength, wear resistance and dielectric properties are better, but due to the poor thermal stability of emulsion polymerization resin, limited to the manufacture of thin-walled small products.

4, PTFE dispersion cast molding
PTFE dispersion flow molding is in a continuous operation of highly polished metal belt continuously coated with PTFE dispersion, then the coated PTFE into the high temperature tower for baking, after the water and surfactant completely evaporated and then add 360-380 ℃ sintered into products, the products processed by this method for PTFE cast , the surface is smooth and soft.


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