Wetting agents dh-405 for Water-based system

2021-09-29   Pageview:716

dh-405 is a multi-purpose nonionic surfactant with good wettability for various colors and fillers.

It has good wettability, low dosage and good color spreading. It is especially effective in high filler and low emulsion emulsion paints. Suitable for It is suitable for wetting of various water-based systems.














Polydimethylsiloxane as a defoaming agent can be in bulk, solution, compound and emulsified forms. The so-called bulk is a siloxane product with a mass fraction of 100%. This has also been used in paint before, that is, simethicone with a certain viscosity is directly added dropwise. For the solution type, the simplest is a fixed mass fraction of simethicone solution, which is also directly added dropwise. The use of these two types of silicone oil has been basically eliminated in coatings, because it is very easy to produce shrinkage and poor adhesion problems. The composite type is more complicated.

For example, the silica is treated with silicone oil to obtain hydrophobic silica, which is then compounded into a defoamer. This is a type of defoamer that is currently widely used in coatings.

Emulsified varieties are available in two forms: water-in-oil and oil-in-water, which should be ideal in terms of resource conservation and environmental protection. In the past, domestically produced 284P, low density polyethylene wax which is an oil-in-water variety, has been eliminated due to unsatisfactory use in coatings. For foreign oil-in-water products, the quality of some companies, such as Dow Cor-ning, Stau fter, Union Cor bide and General Electric, should be said to pass the customs, but so far there are not many varieties and market shares in the domestic market. Not much. The reason may be that the price is expensive, and the performance-price ratio is not more competitive than the hybrid varieties.


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