Application of anti-mold agent BJ-85

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Anti-mold agent BJ-85 is widely used in the anti-mildew of interior and exterior latex paint, glue, putty powder, diatomaceous mud, cellulose, and is suitable for the anti-mildew of environmentally friendly latex paint and powder products as well as the production of products requiring anti-corrosion and anti-mildew.













Add directly
The powdery matting agent is directly added to the coating. The process is simple and the adaptability is wide. For any system, the amount of matting agent added can be determined according to the gloss required by the coating film. There is no need to consider compatibility and Recipe adjustment.

The problem that should be noted is that high-shearing equipment cannot is paraffin wax emulsion be used for grinding, such as sand milling, ball milling, and three-roll milling. This is especially true for precipitation and fumed silica matting agents.
The degree of grinding makes the particle size distribution of the matting agent finer, and the gloss of the coating film increases. For aerogel matting agents, although the “overwear” resistance is better than the previous two types, high shear equipment cannot be used. This is very important for the matting properties of the color paint. The pigments used in the color paint, inorganic or organic pigments must be sanded and dispersed with high shear force. High-speed dispersion machine for dispersion.

The advantage of high-speed dispersing machine is large production capacity and energy saving.
It is directly added to prevent dust. Because the bulk density of synthetic silica matting agent is very low, if it is handled carelessly, dust pollution will occur, which will cause slight irritation to the operator’s skin and mucous membranes.

Preparation of matting paste
The matting paste is composed of matting agent and other ingredients, such as resin, solvent and additives. In essence, the matting paste is the same as the matt paint made by adding the matting agent to the coating, but the concentration of the matting agent in the matting paste is much higher, reaching 20% ​​to 25%. Generally, as a semi-finished product, it can be used to prepare a matte coating to reduce the gloss; it can also be used as a finished product to adjust the gloss of the coating by the end user.


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