Defoamer and the relationship between coatings

2021-08-29   Pageview:345

In recent decades, China’s coatings industry has gradually developed from a small and unremarkable industry to an important industry in all areas of the national economy, it can be said that a quality coating defoamer is a key.

Why use defoamer

Why do you say so? Because in many coating products, will be due to foaming foam, caused by causing volume expansion, poor fluidity, surface defects, unevenness, film formation rupture and other conditions, thereby seriously affecting the application performance of the product and construction efficiency, but the coating defoamer can be a good solution to this problem.












About the performance of coating defoamer

1. Strong defoaming and foam inhibition, can continuously eliminate the problem of coating foam

2. Low dosage, low cost, no impact on the original product quality and performance

3. Good heat resistance, chemical stability, will not cause changes in the appearance of the product

4. Non-corrosive, non-toxic, will not cause human health problems

PEW-2011 is water-based wax dispersion with high solid content, especially suitable for high solid content formula, easy to use and stable for storage.


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