The hazards of foam from water-based paint

2021-08-29   Pageview:658

Following are 5 hazards of foam from water-based paint:
1, When using paint through spraying, rolling or silk-screening, etc., internal foam appears, which affects product quality
2, Foam prevents the barrel from filling up, and the foam gradually disappears, resulting in uneven weight of the barrel, which interferes with continuous packaging.
3, Foam restricts the speed of mixing and makes the blending time longer, and also makes the filler and dyestuff not fully wetted.
4, The foam does not disappear permanently, which leads to poor liquidity, surface defects, unevenness, and rupture of the film during the construction process.
5, Foam is generated in the process of mixing with other surfactants, which causes volume expansion and reduces the utilization of blending equipment.








Coatings can be used to apply and cover objects in different processes, so that a solid film with a certain strength and firmness can be formed on the surface of the object. The coating film formed by the application of paint can play a role of beauty and decoration on the one hand, and on the other hand, it can also protect and conceal the defects on the surface of the object and increase the value of the product.

Although paint has great use value, it often encounters a problem, that is, foam.

The formulation and production process of industrial coatings are relatively special, and it is easy to produce a large amount of foam. The lower the surface tension of the coating, the smaller the free energy required to form the foam, and the easier it is for the coating to generate foam.

Micronized wax which is suitable for solvent-based flexo-printing ink, as well as solvent-based gravure printing ink, can improve the abrasion resistance, and scratch resistance when used in solvent-based ink.




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