Application of polyethylene wax in the production of masterbatches

2021-08-06   Pageview:738

Polyethylene wax is an important additive for the preparation of masterbatches, and its main role is as dispersant and wetting agent. In the process of selecting polyethylene wax, there are several necessary conditions: higher thermal stability, appropriate molecular weight, narrow molecular weight distribution, and strong dispersing ability.

In the production of masterbatches not only has good compatibility and fluidity, but also moderate viscosity, increased shear force, improved dispersion, and excellent pigment wetting and dispersing properties. It has good wetting and dispersing effect for PE and PP masterbatches with high pigment content, and is widely used as dispersant (diffusion powder) for general-purpose masterbatches and blown film masterbatches to improve pigment coloring power.

 The role of masterbatches in plastic processing.

1, Plastic masterbatches are prepared by adding plastic additives beyond the conventional additive amount to the carrier resin, so masterbatches can be added directly when molding plastic products.

2, Filler masterbatches can reduce the cost of raw materials and improve the rigidity, hardness and wear resistance of plastic products.

3, Lubricating masterbatch can make the produced plastic film easy to open, and improve the production efficiency and reduce the scrap rate.

4, Transparent masterbatches can improve the transparency of products and process different transparent products to meet the different requirements of users.

5, Pearlescent masterbatches can give plastic products bright and pleasant colors to improve their packaging value and decorative effect.

6, Masterbatches can provide satisfactory color effect for plastic products.

7, Antistatic masterbatches can reduce the surface resistance and static decay half-life of plastic products to achieve the effect of surface dust removal.

Polyethylene wax can be used as dispersant of color masterbatches of various thermoplastic resins and lubricant dispersant of filler masterbatches and degradation masterbatches. honeywell polyethylene wax is compatible with plastic, good heat resistance, good mixing and easy to crush, and does not affect the performance of end products; it plays the role of infiltration, dispersion and stabilization for particles of filler or pigment.


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