What is the amount of coating defoamer added?

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Most businesses choose to buy paint defoamer to solve the foam problem, but the business in the process of using paint defoamer, how much to add to achieve the desired effect.

In the use of coating defoamer, how to add to the appropriate amount?












When you get the coating defoamer, first look at the main components of the product, add the amount, understand all the contents of the manual before use, test samples, according to 1 to 1 to add, find the best defoaming state.

Why so many manufacturers often think that the coating defoamer effect is not good?

There are two reasons why the effect is not good: paint defoamer add less or add too much.  Polyethylene wax used for water-based and solvent-based systems, and is compatible for water-based and solvent-based ink and coatings.

Coating defoamer add less.

Coating defoamer use as you fry a plate of vegetables, at the end of the seasoning, if you add too little salt, there will be no taste, so the coating defoamer industry is the same, but you add too little, you will not achieve the defoaming effect you want.

Add too much:
Leads to the waste of raw materials.

General coating defoamer additive amount in: directly add the original liquid, can also be added in batches, add half in the grinding stage, and then add the other half in the paint mixing stage. The persistence of this product is related to the system. Adding amount is total formula: 0.1~0.5%.


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