4 reasons for water-based paint blistering

2021-08-31   Pageview:269

Followings are the reasons of paint blistering

1, The substrate treatment is not satisfactory: for example, if the moisture content in the wood is high or the aromatic oil contained in rosin and the wood itself is not completely removed, then its natural evaporation will cause bubbles.

2, When the oil and water-based putty is not completely dry or the primer is not dry, the paint surface will also produce bubbles.












3, Soon after the emulsion paint becomes dry, especially when the surface is not adequately pretreated, it will be exposed to dew, moisture or rain, resulting in bubbles.

4, When the base layer of the outer coating is not dry before applying the coating, it is easy to damage the surface layer of the coating and make the rain enter the base layer and become wet. In sunny weather, the moisture stored in the base layer of the coating will expand thermally to form hot air and release outward, which will lead to blistering of the surface layer of the coating.

A good effect of silicone defoamer not only has the characteristics of self-emulsification, easy dispersion, strong versatility, good defoaming, long foam inhibition, etc., adding it to the water-based coating system will not lead to surface defects or affect the film formation.

PEW-2001 is reflected in the water-based ink and coating, which is excellent in abrasion resistance, matting properties, scratch resistance, dirt resistance, and smooth texture.


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