Dosage of coating anti-mildew agent KP-M21

2021-10-29   Pageview:330

It can be added at all stages of the production process of paint or glue, ensuring that the proportion of addition is 0.5~1% of the solid content, and it can be fully dispersed evenly in the paint or glue.










Cellulose ether and other natural hydrocolloids
Cellulose ether derivatives
Cellulose such as guar gum and starch L1 are polysaccharides, which are products of photosynthesis and therefore become renewable resources. As additives used in coatings, the natural, water-insoluble cellulose must be etherified to make it a water-soluble product. Cotton fiber or high-purity wood pulp is alkaline cellulose mixed with sodium hydroxide. This is the second reaction based on the original design of cellulose ether, sasol wax the production process of cellulose ether.

Adding cellulose ether can increase the viscosity of the water phase of the coating, which is very convenient to use. Compared with the protective gum-type extender, which is restricted by the molecular weight, temperature and polymer solid content, the cellulose-type thickener greatly relieves the sedimentation of pigments and fillers. Increasing the amount of cellulose ether in the coating can effectively increase the viscosity, but as the temperature increases, the viscosity drops again.


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