Defoamer in paint how to use?

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Paint defoamer should be properly stirred before use, the amount added in high viscosity latex paint is 0.1% to 0.5%, paper coating, low viscosity latex paint and water-soluble paint is 0.05% to 0.5%.

Coating defoamer is non-toxic, non-flammable and explosive, stored in a cool, windproof place, airtight. Storage period of 6 months, no obvious stratification. Use during the storage period.











Defoamer application in the coatings industry is very important, different defoamer used in different coating systems, choose the right defoamer is very important, with the right defoamer is more important, many customers will encounter this situation, so easy to find the right defoamer, but the actual production will find the effect and test when the comparison is still poor, and even aggravate the foam generation. In the use of defoamer, the following issues should be noted.

1, Temperature: the temperature directly affects the defoaming good or bad, the temperature is too high or low to affect the volatile effect of defoamer, may also be too high because of the phenomenon of emulsion breaking.

2, The use of the environment: the use of the environment must be good, coating defoamer and the surrounding environment will have adverse effects.

3, PH value: clear understanding of defoamer acid or alkali resistance, the use of PH use range.

4, The amount of use: the amount of water-based coating defoamer is generally 0.1 to 0.3%, it is not recommended to add too much, because it may cause adverse reactions, such as the production of shrinkage, oil and other problems. Generally, we adopt the principle of small amount for many times, and eventually, we should conduct a small trial and a medium trial to come up with the best addition amount according to our own system(like wax emulsions).

5, The use of skills: most water-based coatings defoamer can not be added directly to the diluted water-based coatings, it is best to add when the viscosity of the coating / resin is relatively high and the first time to add the timing in the grinding material, the second time in the paint, the amount of each 1/2.

6, Dilution skills: stir well after layering, even if not layered before use, do not dilute at will, if you really want to dilute, please use thick water solution under the guidance. Coating defoamer dilution, should be used as soon as possible within the effective time, time, the defoaming effect is not good.

7, Applicability on the machine: In the end, it actually depends on the customer’s use habits and their own system needs defoamer type.


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