Features of defoamer for paint and coatings

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Defoamer for paint and coatings is an additive that can change the surface tension of the coating, causing the coating itself to be prone to foaming or making the foam stable.

1, Self-emulsifying, easy to disperse, strong generality, good defoaming, long foam inhibition time, low dosage;
2, Good heat resistance, good chemical structure stability, non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-side effects, non-flammable and dangerous explosive;
3, Does not affect the basic performance of the foaming system, does not produce surface defects or does not affect the film forming performance, the water-based coating system has a special impact;
4,  The production of foam can be well controlled in the process of coating production, packaging and application.










Name: Defoamer for coating
Type: Water-based coatings, solvent-based coatings
Auxiliary to stabilize the storage of finished paint
Help pigment wetting and dispersing

Water-based coatings, solvent-based coatings, in the formulation should be used in a variety of wax additives, including additives to help pigment wetting and dispersion; there are additives to improve the storage stability of the finished coating, there are additives to adjust the appearance of the paint film flat; there are also some to achieve special functions of the additives.

Most of the above-mentioned varieties of additives are surfactants, all of which can change the surface tension of the paint, resulting in the existence of the paint itself is easy to foam or make the foam stable internal factors.

The paint manufacturing process requires the use of various high-speed mixing machines, such as three-roller machines, sand mills and ball mills. Various ways and methods used in coating, such as air spray, airless spray, roller coating, flow coating and drench coating. In these processes, all of them will increase the free energy of the coating system to varying degrees, helping to produce foam, which is an external factor to produce foam.


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