Precautions of polyurethane waterproof coating

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1, the material must be mixed and stirred according to the ratio, mixed materials should be used up within 20 minutes.
2, the construction temperature should be above 5 ℃, construction to keep the construction air circulation.
3, strictly prevent there is water directly with the material, has not yet used up the paint must be the bucket cover tight, especially the A component, sealing is not good easy to absorb moisture curing.












In the production and use process of coatings, measures such as solvent cover to isolate air are often used to delay skin formation, but the effect is not obvious. Anti-skinning agents can effectively prevent skinning. The tocopherols in vegetable oil are natural anti-skinning agents, which make it difficult to oxidize and crust during storage. The ideal anti-skinning agent not only has a high-efficiency anti-skinning effect, but also has no side effects that damage the performance of the coating, such as delaying drying, affecting color and odor. Anti-skinning agents include phenols and oximes. Some solvents such as dipentene have certain anti-skinning effects. They can be used with phenol or oxime anti-skinning agents, or they can be mixed with several anti-skinning agents. use.

Phenolic anti-skinning agent
Phenolic compounds are antioxidants, and they are easy to oxidize and hinder the oxidized conjunctiva of oil-based paint to delay the conjunctiva on the surface. General phenols such as hydroquinone have poor compatibility with binders, and their oxidation activity is very strong, and it is not easy to control when used. Phenolic compounds with substituents at the ortho and para positions are often selected as anti-skinning agents. Its oxidizing property is more suitable, and it has good compatibility with oil-based paint and alkyd paint.

The price of phenolic anti-skinning agent is lower, montan ester wax but it has a greater impact on the dryness of the coating. A slightly inappropriate amount will cause the coating to not condense for a few days after painting. Phenolic compounds are easy to yellow, and react with iron to be brown, and they also have some irritating odors. Therefore, phenolic anti-skinning agents are not suitable for general coatings. Phenolic anti-skinning agents can delay the surface drying of oil-based paints, thus making the primer dry more thoroughly. It is suitable for primer and dipping drying paints. Because this type of paint dries quickly, it will last for a long time during the construction process. Crusts in contact with air. Phenolic anti-skinning agents are often used in inks. Because the coating film of the ink is extremely thin and can penetrate into the paper, it has little effect on the dryness of the ink after construction.


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