A New Generation of Powder Polyamide Wax Rheology Additives

2022-03-24   Pageview:1119

The use of powder polyamide wax rheological additives usually requires strict process conditions and precise temperature control. A little carelessness will cause problems such as thickening, poor storage stability, and batch instability. At the same time, the lengthy process flow will also result in higher energy consumption and lower production efficiency.

Focusing on the concept of “environmental protection, energy saving, convenience and high efficiency”, Hemings has broken through the above bottlenecks and launched a new generation of powder polyamide wax rheological additives THIXATROL® PM 8056, bringing you an extraordinary experience.

Environmental friendly
THIXATROL® PM 8056 is 100% effective (powder), suitable for solvent-based coatings, high-solids and solvent-free coatings, and it is not easy to generate dust during the addition process.

energy saving
Low activation temperature (can be as low as 45°C), reducing energy consumption. The paint can be reduced and thinned at a higher temperature, which effectively simplifies the process and shortens the production time.

The activation operating temperature range is wide (40℃-75℃), which provides more flexible process control conditions than traditional powder polyamide waxes.

Low dosage can be activated efficiently. Compared with ordinary organic thixotropic agents, the dosage can be reduced by 40%, saving formulation costs.

THIXATROL® PM 8056 has a wide range of application systems, such as 2K epoxy (including solvent-free epoxy), 2KPU and other systems, especially in high solids or solvent-free systems with better thickening, thixotropy and anti-sag properties. It is suitable for industrial protective coatings, heavy-duty anti-corrosion protective coatings, marine coatings and other systems.


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