Classification of defoamers for coatings

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The classification of the coating is relatively wide, so there are many types of defoamer.
1, According to the application of different industries to find the corresponding coating defoamer. For example, defoamer for real stone paint, defoamer for exterior wall, defoamer for interior wall, etc.
2, According to the composition, coating defoamer is divided into mineral oil, polyether, silicone, polyether modified silicone, etc., you can choose defoamer according to the product defoaming needs, want to defoam fast, then silicone defoamer is more suitable, want to inhibit foam effect is better, you can choose polyether defoamer.
3, According to its performance can also be divided into high temperature resistance, waterproof, anti-corrosion and other types of coating defoamer.
4, From the point of view of form, coating defoamer is divided into solid, liquid, and powder.










The world needs color to embellish then God invented paint, colorful paint rotates and jumps on the stage of life, leaving step by step footprints, making the boring black and white, all become animated.

In addition to its beauty, paint forms a strong solid film, a protective coating. If the coating is the “output”, then the coating defoamer is the auxiliary, he is added to the coating production and use of a chemical additives, to add a protective shield to the coating, to protect the coating from the foam, rapid elimination of foam.

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