Knowledge about fruit waxing

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Every part of natural food has its own unique physiological role, and fruits are no exception. The nutrients of many fruits are more reflected in the skin, and eating with the skin is more nutritious. For example, the antioxidant effect of apple peel is stronger than that of other fruits and vegetables. Apple peel is also rich in dietary fiber, which can promote digestion and improve constipation. The anthocyanins contained in grape skin have good anti-oxidation, anti-mutation, relieve liver dysfunction, protect cardiovascular and so on. Eating cucumber with the skin not only can fully absorb vitamin C, but also effectively detoxify. The cucumber skin also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Therefore, for some fruits with soft skins, such as apples, pears, tomatoes, peaches, apricots, etc., it is healthier to eat with the skin on, with better taste and full flavor.

Some people say that many fruits are waxed on their peels in order to keep fresh, and some fruits have “bright and bright” peels, which are probably because of waxing, and they are afraid of eating bright “waxes” when they are eaten with peels. Fruit waxing is now very common. Some fruits have their own fruit wax, calendar powder wax philippine supplier, such as the plant protection layer formed on the surface of apples, which can effectively prevent external microorganisms, pesticides, etc. from invading the pulp. Similarly, timely waxing and other treatments on the fruits after picking can maintain moisture, prevent microbial invasion, inhibit the respiration of fruits after harvesting, delay post-ripening and reduce nutrient consumption. Since 1995, fruits have been waxed internationally. According to my country’s “Hygienic Standard for the Use of Food Additives”, as a means of preservation, waxing the surface of fresh fruits is allowed, but the wax must be food grade. , and implement strict quantitative control.

Is it unhealthy to eat waxed fruit? In fact, the safety of fruit waxing can be guaranteed in strict accordance with the national standards. There are three main sources of wax on the surface of fruit peels:

① The “fruit wax” of the fruit itself is harmless to the human body;

② Artificially coated food-grade “artificial fruit wax”, commonly used edible waxes are carnauba wax and morpholine fatty acid salt fruit wax, which are used according to the standard and are harmless to health;

③ Industrial paraffin used by illegal traders, and eating fruits waxed with industrial paraffin is harmful to health. When buying fruit, wipe the surface of the fruit with a paper towel. If it shows a faint red color, it may be industrial paraffin.

To remove the wax on the surface of the peel, it is not necessary to peel the peel. It can be washed with hot water, the wax will melt when heated, or washed with salt, loofah, etc., to remove the wax more thoroughly.


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