Modified Wax for Asphalt

2021-05-08   Pageview:874

Green road construction is important, in order to reduce the construction temperature, reduce energy consumption, reduce pollutant emissions, the addition of warm mix agent, can effectively improve such related issues, modified wax is one of warm mix agents.

Modified wax is a viscosity-reducing warm mix agent, mainly has the following characteristics.

1. Improve the high temperature of asphalt, the temperature sensitivity.

2. Effectively reduce the mixing and construction temperature of asphalt mixes.

3. Improve the low temperature viscosity of asphalt, and the rheological resistance of asphalt pavement.

4. Effectively reduce the high temperature viscosity of asphalt.

5. Reduce harmful gas emission.

Nanjing Tianshi New Material Technologies Co., Ltd. is a China high-quality wax additives manufacturers, specializing in the production of various types of wax additives, services tens of thousands of customers.

PEW-0320 offers by Nanjing Tianshiwax, is recommended as warm mix agent of asphalt.

Polyethylene (PE) Wax Granule for Masterbatch PEW-0320 Chemical Composition: Polyethylene Wax Model Number: PEW-0320

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