What are the commonly used defoamers for polyurethane coatings

2021-09-04   Pageview:706

1, active ingredients
Function: foam breaking, defoaming, reducing surface tension:
Examples: silicone oil, polyethers, higher alcohols, mineral oil, vegetable oil, etc.

2, emulsifier
Function: Disperse the active ingredients into small particles, which are easy to disperse in water, and have better defoaming and anti-foaming effects.
Examples: non(octyl) phenol polyoxyethylene ether, soap salt, op series, Tween series, Span series, etc.













3, carrier
Function: Contribute to the combination of the carrier and the foaming system, easy to disperse into the foaming system, and combine the two. Its own surface tension is low, which is helpful for foam suppression and can reduce costs.

what is micronized wax?

Example: solvents other than water, such as aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, oxygenated solvents, etc.

4, emulsifying additives
Function: make the emulsification effect better


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