Wood coating defoamer

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Wood coating defoamers are developed for the coating industry. It is a composite product of organic polyether ester, mineral oil and alcohol, refined through a special process. It will not produce surface defects or affect film-forming properties, and has a special effect on water-based coating systems.











Performance characteristics:

1. It has the properties of self-emulsification, easy dispersion, strong versatility, fast defoaming, and long foam suppression time.

2. It has good compatibility with the coating system, so it does not cause shrinkage and other phenomena.

3. It has a wide application range and is useful in a wide PH range.


Wood coating defoamers are widely used in: wood coatings, water-based wood coatings, pu wood, nitro wood coatings, solvent coating wood coatings, two-component wood coatings, etc. Best wax for gloss in all kinds of powder coating and printing inks. It has uniform particle size, easy to disperse, can improve the scratch resistance and slip of the coating, and can provide good gloss and transparency.

Reference Dosage:

The long-term effect of this product is related to the system. The general dosage is the total formula: 0.1-0.5%. Please experiment with the specific dosage.


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