Analysis of the development of high hardness anti-wear powder coatings

2021-08-05   Pageview:356

For users and manufacturers of powder coatings, the hardness and wear resistance of powder coatings is a problem that is often encountered and needs to be solved.

The hardness of the paint is determined by the performance of the film-forming substance. Under the premise of ensuring other properties of powder coatings, the hardness of the powder coating can be improved by selecting high hardness pigments and fillers, appropriately increasing the mass fraction of pigments and fillers or adding additives such as anti-scratching agents and hardening agents.

Influence of filler species on hardness

Filler is one of the important components of the vast majority of powder coatings. In most of the colored powder coatings, except for white series powder coatings, the amount of filler is mostly higher than the amount of pigment, the impact of filler on powder coatings and their tinting film performance is crucial.

Choose the commonly used filler calcium, filler barium, silica micropowder, hollow microbeads silicon composite, in other conditions remain unchanged to compare the effect of filler species on the hardness of powder coatings, it can be seen that the type of filler has a significant impact on the hardness of powder coatings. The main reason is that the chemical composition and hardness of fillers are different, which affects the hardness of powder coatings. Therefore, in powder coating formulation design, it is very important to choose the suitable filler according to the user’s requirement of powder coating hardness.

Increase the hardness and wear resistance of powder coatings, such as some excellent ptfe wax it has the effect of helping the coating to slightly increase the hardness and wear resistance. Because when the melting point of wax is lower than the baking temperature, the powder coating will form a thin layer similar to frost on the coating after cooling. And the particle size of wax is close to or even larger than the thickness of the coating. This makes the scratch resistance of wax visible. But adding wax can only play an auxiliary anti-scratch role, want to get high hardness and anti-wear powder coating mainly depends on the role of the powder coating material itself.

High hardness and wear resistance is the indicator of powder coatings in some special applications, and better application and development of this performance has great significance. Under the premise of meeting some basic properties of powder coatings, the requirement of high hardness of powder coating, play its special characteristics of high hardness and anti-abrasion, to achieve the purpose of high protective decorative applications. In the face of the increasing competition in the powder coating market and the “homogenization” of powder coating coating quality, powder coating manufacturers should improve the quality of their products and try to narrow the gap with other products. To contribute to the development of powder coating and environmental protection.


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