Paint defoamers definition

2021-09-11   Pageview:537

Coating defoamer is a compound defoamer without silicone, because it contains a variety of high-quality defoaming components, and thus is widely applicable, it is particularly suitable for eliminating the foam of benzene propylene latex, ethylene propylene latex, pure propylene latex, vinyl acetate latex and other systems.










Dynamic defoaming, good foam inhibition and durability
Good dispersion and strong defoaming ability
Good affinity, not easy to produce shrinkage holes and fish eyes

Use method
Please mix properly before use. The amount of this product is from one to five thousandths in high viscosity emulsion paints, and from five to five thousandths in paper coating, low viscosity emulsion paints and water-soluble paints.

The micronized PTFE has very good heat resistance, lubricating effect, dispersing effect, and good storage stability. such as micronized ptfe rubber using.


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